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AAN awards 2010 Dreifuss-Penry Epilepsy Award to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine researcher

August 15, 2015

To quote Dr Frank Mattner, CSO: "Alpha-syn is an attractive target for treating Parkinson's causally and not just symptomatically. However, it must be remembered that alpha-syn is an endogenous protein belonging to a family of proteins whose members have extensive sequence homologies. For example, as a so-called neuroprotective factor, the member of this protein family known as beta-syn is important for a healthy body. A vaccination aimed at reducing alpha-syn must therefore ensure that the triggered antibody immune response exclusively addresses alpha-syn, but leaves beta-syn untouched. Our AFFITOM(R) technology allows us to develop vaccines that guarantee this high level of specificity to alpha-syn. During 2010 we will complete the preliminary work for the clinical trial".

On the basis of this technology AFFiRiS AG has already announced the development of two vaccines for Alzheimer's, one for atherosclerosis and as recently published a vaccine against hypertension; that is to say conditions that affect hundreds of millions of people. Indeed, the commercial significance of the AFFITOM(R) technology has also been recognised by the pharmaceutical industry and by 2008 a technology licence based on this with a total value of up to 430 million Euros was granted to GSK Biologicals for the development of the Alzheimer's vaccines.