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Amorfix Life Sciences signs licensing agreement with PREVENT

September 22, 2015

"It is great to see a partnership between two Canadian organizations to address new treatments for ALS," said Mr. David Cameron, President to the ALS Society of Canada, "A better treatment for ALS is urgently needed."

The licensed intellectual property includes Disease Specific Epitopes (DSE(TM)) and vaccines arising from Amorfix's discovery platform using the ProMIS(TM) algorithm for prediction of DSEs on misfolded proteins. This unique approach enables the discovery of antibodies that recognize and inhibit only the misfolded protein which forms in the disease, while allowing the normal protein to continue to function.

"We have only just begun to use DSEs to rationally design new treatments for many misfolded-protein illnesses" said Dr. Neil Cashman, Chief Scientific Officer of Amorfix.

Amorfix continues to discuss with potential partners alliances for the continued development of the antibodies and diagnostic applications for ALS and new projects for the ProMIS(TM) discovery platform. These alliances will be announced when they are completed.