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Benefit of delaying cognitive decline comes at the cost of more rapid dementia progression

November 05, 2015

"Millions of people suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and treatment options are limited," says Dr. Paul Greengard, Nobel Laureate and Director of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research laboratory at The Rockefeller University.  "Existing drugs may mask symptoms for a time but do nothing to stop the relentless downward progression of Alzheimer's. What is needed are safe and effective medications that will halt the cause of the underlying disease. It is our hope that this gamma-secretase activating protein will greatly add to the creation of safe and effective Alzheimer's treatments."

Kent Karosen, President of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation says, "We are so proud of the scientists we support, and would like to specifically congratulate Drs. He and Greengard for discovering this important protein.  Their latest research is a potential paradigm shift in how scientists and doctors around the world will attack Alzheimer's."

SOURCE Alzheimer's Research Foundation