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BSI: Guidance is key to improve dementia care

January 16, 2016

PAS 800 advocates the use of the DCM observational tools and evaluation process to assess the quality of care provided from the viewpoint of a person with dementia and identify opportunities to improve current standards of care. "With PAS 800, BSI wants to offer care providers clear guidance to the principles of DCM, and detailed recommendations for the implementation of it to make sure that people with dementia receive the highest standard of care," says BSI Standards Head of Market Development for Healthcare Breda Corish.

Professor Murna Downs, Head of Bradford Dementia Group, Bradford University, that led the development of this standard, adds: "There has never been a better climate for transforming the quality of care for people with dementia. There is a significant coalition of forces calling for such a transformation including the All Party Parliamentary Party on Dementia, the Department of Health, the National Audit Office and the Dementia Action Alliance.  The BSI PAS on dementia provides the field with a methodology not only to achieve improved quality of care, but as importantly, to embed sustainable person-centred care in practice".

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