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Complete structure of Insulin receptor discovered - may assist in drug development for diabetes

August 11, 2015

This team is also involved in another important aspect involving the structure of related Type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor, to which insulin-like growth factors bind.

???These structures are not currently known, despite their considerable importance and direct relevance to the design of new drugs for cancer, Alzheimer??s disease and diabetes - three of the most critical diseases facing Australia,??? Dr Lawrence said.

???By understanding how insulin binds and transmits messages into the cell we will be in a better position to design compounds that mimic insulin and could be used to treat diabetes,??? said Dr Lawrence.

According to Dr. Lawrence these findings can also lead to new avenues in the development of insulin that can be taken by mouth instead of daily painful injections. Apart from this, newer formulations of faster acting and longer lasting insulin can also be developed from this knowledge.