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CPF announces nationwide advertising campaign to increase awareness about PF

August 12, 2015

The founder and President of Inman Trucking, Tommy Spivey, also suffers from PF and wanted to get the word out to all who see his trucks on the road.  "I want everyone to know about this disease so that we can do something about it," he said.  "It may not be soon enough to save my life, but hopefully building awareness will lead to increased funding for the disease and others will be saved," he said.  Spivey donated the ads in memory of PF patient Anita Burgin who became friends with Spivey through the CPF and died recently as well as other patients who have lost their fights to the disease.

Jeff Berry, President and CEO of People's Branding, Ltd., donated his time and talents to create the billboard ad as well as other ads for the CPF campaign and thinks the message is pervasive.  "I helped the CPF develop a series of banners, posters and outdoor ads with the provocative headline: 'How long have you had that cough?' to make people aware of this terrible disease, how it could strike anyone, and get them to go to the website for more information. It's the kind of thing you might say to someone you care about, and who may not be aware that something as innocent seeming as a persistent cough might be the beginning of something far more serious," said Berry.

SOURCE Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis