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EU Joint Programming initiative to tackle neurodegenerative diseases

August 24, 2015

'Success relies on the shared view that pooling knowledge, infrastructure, funding calls, as well as creating critical mass with coherent, multidisciplinary approaches, will deliver the best scientific objectives and answers. By doing this we will optimise research investment in neurodegenerative disease across Europe.'

The JPND will start by:

developing a strategic research agenda for neurodegenerative diseases encompassing basic, clinical and social research, and the latter also includes models of healthcare delivery. implementing that agenda  by proposing innovative ways of pooling expertise and resources to address the fragmentation and duplication of current research efforts.

A Scientific Advisory Board comprising 15 of the top neurodegenerative disease scientists from Europe and elsewhere in the world has been formed to advise on the development of the Strategic Research Agenda and its implementation. This group begins its work today.

Professor Amouyel adds:

'This is an exciting opportunity for Europe to take the lead in tackling one of the biggest socio-economic challenges we face into our future. To date, neurodegenerative diseases have not received the same level of funding as other areas such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, despite having a large negative impact on healthy life.  This programme will allow us to change that and get to grips with this issue in a timely and strategic manner. Today's meeting in Stockholm will see fifteen of the leading researchers from Europe and elsewhere begin the process of mapping out a strategy to best achieve this pan-European co-ordinated research approach.'