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First Edition: November 22, 2010

December 31, 2015

Long-Term Care Insurance Worries Baby Boomers Kathy Kozakiewicz, 59, of Phoenix, decided to buy long-term care insurance after her father-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He had to wait 18 months until space opened at a local Veterans Affairs nursing home, and during that period, the family was responsible for his care. Kozakiewicz and her husband, both retired federal workers, were determined to spare their children from that experience. But now, the Kozakiewiczes fear that their insurance could become unaffordable (USA Today).

Employers' Health-Care Costs Soar The cost to employers of providing health benefits soared 6.9 percent on average this year, according to a national survey released last week, an increase some experts say was driven by the growing use of expensive imaging devices in hospitals and an expanding population of aging and obese patients suffering from chronic conditions (The Washington Post).

Dependents Under Scrutiny More employers are scrutinizing employees' health-insurance dependents in order to weed out ineligible beneficiaries (The Wall Street Journal).

Healthcare Sector Loses Steam In California Healthcare has long been one of the most reliable generators of new jobs in California. But a lousy economy has caught up with an industry once considered virtually immune to downturns (Los Angeles Times).

State's Stem Cell Agency Seeks More Time, Money When millionaire Silicon Valley real estate developer Bob Klein launched his ballot drive to create a $3-billion state fund for stem-cell research in 2004, he pitched it as a way of taking politics out of science and focusing on cures. One particularly heartbreaking campaign ad showed former big screen Superman Christopher Reeve paralyzed in a wheelchair, struggling for breath and imploring California voters to "stand up for those who can't" (Los Angeles Times).

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