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GE Healthcare to present results of phase 2 study of flutemetamol at HAI Meeting

August 21, 2015

Alzheimer??s in younger people in their thirties and forties is very rare and only 5% of the cases get triggered by a gene mutation. Mrs Doig is the first woman to give birth to a baby in such an advanced stage of the disease. Despite her memory loss she has a complication free pregnancy and gave birth via a C-Section to Emily who weighed 6lb 3oz.

???She??s like an 80-year-old going on five years old,??? Scott said. ???She went from being an independent, outgoing and bright young woman to someone who doesn??t recognise her own newborn daughter. My goal is to find more home care for her, so she can see out her final days in comfortable and familiar surroundings.' Rebecca Doig has been refused disability pension and there is considerable financial strain on the family. A fundraiser has been organized by Hornsby Council for the family next weekend. Scott Doig talks of the disease as a great tragedy which the family has to learn to cope with.