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HDMG and Heritage Health Care host over 4000 seniors at 20th anniversary of Health Expo

February 08, 2016

Dr. Merkin spoke to the crowd, "Lancaster and Palmdale- there are no two better cities in the United States to do this.  Both have been so cooperative in our efforts to improve health care in the Valley and they are truly concerned about the health care of their citizens." He further discussed recent trips to Washington DC with seniors to interact with legislators, one on one, letting lawmakers know of the importance of programs that HDMG implements. "Managed, coordinated, accountable health care that is patient doctor centric keeps our seniors healthier, out of the hospital and is cost effective," said Dr. Merkin. "It is critically important to us that we reach out to our lawmakers, and our communities to let everyone know we are responsive to current health care demands with programs and solutions."

"We continue to offer our community our best in medical care to meet their needs," said Dr. Anthony Dulgeroff, Medical Director at HDMG. "This 20th anniversary of our Health Expo signals our commitment to celebrating excellence, giving back to our seniors additional opportunities to follow up on their general health on us and we are delighted to do it."

SOURCE Heritage Provider Network, Inc.