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Intellect Neurosciences receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for IN-N01 monoclonal antibody patent

September 23, 2015

"I am delighted with this agreement with Bayer Schering Pharma who is a major force in the development of novel imaging technologies," said Professor Claude Wischik, Executive Chairman of TauRx Pharmaceuticals. "By bringing together our scientific expertise in Tau protein and BSP's R&D capability in brain imaging diagnostics, we stand the best possible chance of bringing the combination of Tau-based diagnostics and therapeutics to patients as soon as possible. This collaboration marks another stage in the gradually increasing recognition by the field of the importance of the Tau protein pathology for both diagnostics and therapeutics in AD."

"Tau protein aggregation inside nerve cells has a strong correlation with the decline in brain function seen in AD patients. This process, which leads to the formation of Tau tangles originally discovered by Alzheimer, is very slow and takes some 20 years of accumulation before symptoms of dementia are seen. The memory critical brain regions are hit first. This means that there is a long window of opportunity during which a tangle prevention treatment could be used to stop the disease process in its tracks."

As part of the collaboration, TauRx will utilize its proprietary technology platform of patented ligands, specialized Tau-directed assays and its animal models to optimise the development of ligands. Diagnostic products arising from the collaboration will be developed by Bayer Schering Pharma, whereas compounds with therapeutic potential will be developed by TauRx.

Source TauRx