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Multiple sclerosis drug shows promise to counteract effects of botulinum neurotoxin

December 27, 2015

The DIPPAL project's goals: At present, there is neither a simple, reliable, non-invasive test for early diagnosis of AD nor an effective disease-modifying treatment. Given this context, the DIPPAL project's three main objectives are to:

develop and validate a prototype multiparameter blood test for the early, reliable diagnosis of AD. discover a Pleodrug?? for the effective treatment of AD based on above tests and take it through to the end of Phase II clinical trials. develop a companion test to monitor the effectiveness of the Pleodrug?? in humans and/or to determine the sub-population of "responder" patients.

The DIPPAL project partners will then seek to license the prototype diagnostic test, the Pleodrug?? and the theranostic to diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, who will complete the future products' development and commercialization.

SOURCE Pharnext, Biosystems International and CMRR from Bordeaux Hospital and Research Center U897