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Omeros identifies orphan GPCR compound that potentiates tumor-killing activity of doxorubicin

December 20, 2015

The cognitive test involved asking participants to react as quickly as possible to the illumination of one of two lights, by pressing a corresponding button. The lesions were found in those whose performance was highly variable i.e. reacting within 200 milliseconds at one attempt, and taking 450 milliseconds the next. Those who reacted with similar rates with wither fast or slow tendencies did not have the lesions.

Professor Bunce explained, ???In the same way that middle-aged people go to the GP and have a blood pressure test, potentially it might be possible to use some people's reaction times, measured on a laptop or a PC (to gauge their risk of later dementia)??However, at the moment we don??t know how to head off dementia and Alzheimer's later on.??? He still advised a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising well and avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol to avoid the disease.

The research is published in the journal PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science-ONE).