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Prevention of vascular diseases needed to avoid tsunami of cases

December 06, 2015

"We urgently need to link researchers of these different diseases," says Dr. C??t?. "By connecting the dots and developing a comprehensive approach that will help us understand more about the causal links between the various vascular diseases, this knowledge could inform health policies and practice."

The Canadian Heart Health Action Plan ?? supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation ?? recommends investment in the creation of a multi-site network in vascular health that would link expertise in centres across the country and improve our knowledge of the broad spectrum of vascular diseases.

The cost to forge this critical link between researchers and clinicians is approximately $8 million per year over five years.

"This investment would be an opportunity for Canada to lead in international research while protecting the health of Canadians," says Linda Piazza, HSFC director of research and health policy.  "The problem is urgent and growing. Canada has the talent and a plan. We can't afford to wait any longer."

Dr. C??t? also calls on all cardiovascular professionals - including cardiac surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, and nurses - to recognize the connection between areas of vascular health. "We want to build bridges and plant the seeds of vascular health to forge a path together towards the future."

Co-hosted by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress is Canada's largest scientific conference, attracting close to 4,000 heart-health professionals from across the country.

Attendees representing 18 different organizations, including surgeons, pediatric specialists, cardiologists, nurses, rehab professionals, and others learn about the latest science and cutting-edge research. The congress runs from October 23 to 27 in Montreal.