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Vect-Horus accentuates its leadership in delivering drugs to the central nervous system

September 13, 2015

By developing innovative strategies based on the combination of several technologies (recombinant DNA, cell biology, screening of peptide libraries, medicinal chemistry, vectorization and in vivo approaches in animals), Vect-Horus develops unique vectors that use receptors of the BBB to cross and efficiently transport drugs from blood to the brain, thus maximizing their therapeutic potential.

Today the company has a portfolio of highly innovative products and

VH0445, the most advanced vector has already validated the scientific strategy and technology platform of the company and provided proof-of-principle of its interest in the field of acute pain. Other receptors and other relevant vectors for various therapeutic areas of the CNS are currently under development.

Vect-Horus has initiated contacts with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical partners and proposes, through licensing and R&D partnerships, the possibility to significantly reduce their attrition rate during CNS drug development by:

discovering and developing unique peptide-based vectors that target and cross the BBB; developing new molecular entities, i.e. vector-drug conjugates that demonstrate both brain targeting properties and biological activity, together with a good safety profile (reduced side effects, increased tolerance).

Founded in late 2005 by its president Alexander Tokay, a former investment banker, and Dr. Michel Khrestchatisky, Research Director at the CNRS, Vect -Horus has received notably support from the CNRS and the inter-university incubator IMPULSE. Based in Marseille, the Company relies on 20 years of research in Neurobiology and Neurophysiopathology conducted by Dr. Michel Khrestchatisky within the CNRS and the UMR 6184 laboratory that he directs, and more than 10 years of experience acquired by Dr. Patrick Vlieghe in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, especially in medicinal chemistry and delivery of therapeutic molecules. For more information please visit: www.vect-horus